Selasa, 09 April 2013

Import more money?

They say that the “love of money is the root of all evil”. So many people misinterpret as “money is the root of all evil”. But what matters most is where the heart is, at the end of the day. Is the heart of the Annals of moneymaking or is where it should be, going through the necessary disciplines in life before arriving finally at the end where rewards tarry long enough to enjoy the fullness.

Life is not all about making money. One must understand that while most people think that money makes the world go round, it is not enough, the only answer to the needs of life. There are many instances in life where money doesn’t fill the void that many people struggle with. If money is the answer to the most pressing questions of life, so most of the richest men and women of the world should have not been pressing for divorce cases and custody cases against each other. If money is the answer to everyone’s needs, then today’s celebrity was supposed to be the ones with happier marriages. If money can buy peace and happiness, and the vastness of the homes of millionaires and billionaires would have been filled with laughter conspicuous of their children, enjoying an almost heavenly atmosphere from their billions or million in the Bank.

But as it closes at the end of the day, the fact remains, that life has not been bought by money and that most of the essential elements of life cannot be bought by money. Here are insights that can show what most Americans value alive, according to polls.

1. health is the greatest achievement of his life, if the richest or the poorest, is the first target. As the saying goes, “man working to save money to save their health”. According to a survey, Americans consider their greatest wealth health. There is truth to the adage that says “health is wealth,” after all.

2. is absolute Joy, happiness is relative. Joy and happiness are two different concepts that are often used interchangeably. The joy is in fact a State to have peace in the midst of what is going on. Happiness is an emotional state when good things happen. In other words, one can be happy when good morning pouring and cannot be so when problems start coming. Joy on the other hand, is a result of peace even when no good seems to be underway. Keep the balance even with storms of life their bombardment from all angles.

3. money is not the answer. Most of today’s concerns in life are related to money. Money brings the food on the table. Money pays the Bills. Money makes the mortgage ends meet. Money makes a long list of things. But talk to the cancer patient who is in pain all day and ask him if his money took away the pain. Talk to the abuser who used to have a privileged life, but now is imprisoned in her do that can’t be undone. Talk to the suffering mother whose husband lives with another woman and built a Palace for her expensive as you.

These are some of the things that money can’t buy. While its true that money moved to Earth to heights never seen coming, the use of money is the factor that makes the difference. The proper use of the money fueling hunger and gives shelter to the homeless. The wise use of money Send poor children to school and open doors for them to live a good life. So, at the end of the day, it’s worth saying: “use money and love people?” The answer is in your hands.

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